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Marissa Rowe

Grade 8 Science Teacher

"A dream doesn't become reality out of magic; It takes sweat, determination, and hard work."
-Colin Powell 


Welcome to Grade 8 Science! This year you will spend time collaborating with your peers a you investigate, debate, design models, and much more. As we explore each new topic this year I will facilitate lessons that are highly interactive and will cause you to productively struggle as you search for answers to scientific questions and design solutions to real world problems.  The key to success is not to simply listen, but to ask, discuss, and engage each and everyday.  Your learning will be three-dimensional meaning that you will apply you science skills and understanding of content as you develop connections between and reasoning for all that we are learning.
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Grading System 

Summative Assessments 40%

Investigations/Quizzes 30%

Classwork 20%

HW/Participation 10%

Supply List:

Notebook & Folder or Binder

Colored Pencils




About Mrs. Rowe

I was born and raised in Naugatuck, and through the years I have gained so much from this amazing community. While I spent a few years teaching outside of the district I am thrilled to be back home!
I have loved science for as long as I can remember, and have had some amazing teachers along the way that furthered my love for this subject.  Science is about the past, the present, and the future. It can change and save lives.  Science is something that we can all connect to because it shapes our daily lives.  It is about who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.
The best part of teaching for me is being able to connect with my students and watch them grow.  I deeply believe that every student is an individual, and it is my great honor to guide you along a path of learning that is your own and will lead you to success.
Education - Graduate of Naugatuck Schools. Graduate of Central Connecticut State University, BSED in General Science Education with a Concentration in Biology.
Years of Experience -  6 years.
Classes I teach - Grade 8 General Science
A few of my favorite things - Apart from my love of science there are many things that I enjoy.  My favorite thing to do outside of school is spending time with husband and son. Our favorite thing to do is visit Florida each summer!  We are big Disney fans!  I also love music, reading, and trying new foods.