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Joseph Williams » Joseph Williams

Joseph Williams

8th Grade Mathematics Teacher



I teach PreAlgebra and Honors Algebra. Here at City Hill we work to mold students based on our vision of the graduate. As a math teacher, I believe it is my responsibility to prepare students for the real world by promoting problem solving. Often times students ask "why do we need to learn this? I'll never use it outside the classroom." I always take this question seriously and explain that we are not just teaching concepts; we are providing you with the foundation skills and strategies needed to solve problems. It may be true that not every student will be required to apply the quadratic formula; but every student will face challenges on a daily basis. Mathematics is the "science of structure, order and relation...", and in my classroom we not only teach relevant concepts but also look beyond the math to focus on process and procedure so that we foster independent thinking skills that allow us to look outside of the box and find a process that works for each student in order to solve a problem.

About Mr. Williams

Education: Bachelors Degree in Mathematics Education from WCSU.
Years teaching: 4 years
Years in Naugatuck School: 4 years
A few of my favorite things: Music, reading, football (Go Giants!) and video games. 
A fun fact about me: I play the guitar, piano and am currently learning the violin.
Classes I teach: PreAlgebra & Honors Algebra I