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Ms. Michelle Mele » Science Teacher

Science Teacher

Science Teacher Grade 8

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Welcome to Our Science Curriculum........
Welcome to Grade 8 Science! This year you will spend time collaborating with your peers as you investigate, debate, design models, and much more. As we explore each new topic this year I will facilitate lessons that are highly interactive and will cause you to productively struggle as you search for answers to scientific questions and design solutions to real world problems.  The key to success is not to simply listen, but to ask, discuss, and engage each and everyday.  Your learning will be three-dimensional meaning that you will apply you science skills and understanding of content as you develop connections between and reasoning for all that we are learning.
About Ms. Mele..........

I am proud to say that I have taught in Naugatuck for my entire teaching career. I am so happy to work here at City Hill Middle School. In my spare time, I volunteer and work with a wonderful dog rescue called PAWS NEW ENGLAND. I am very passionate about supporting environmental awareness and promoting animal rescue. I am the proud Mom of four rescue dogs Nico, Rocco, Luigi and Mia. 


I attended Central Connecticut State University in New Britian, Connecticut where I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in May 1992.I started to pursue my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and graduated with my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education in May 1999.Finally, I pursued my Sixth Year plus fifteen in Special Education Consultation and Administration and graduated with my Degree to  become a Special Education Consultant or a Building Principal in 2006.


For more than half her life, Michelle Mele has been a dedicated employee of the Town of North Haven.


Wish List.......

  • notebook (either spiral or binder)
  • pocket folder
  • pen and pencil
  • package of colored pencils