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Lisa Kimberly » Mrs. Lisa Kimberly

Mrs. Lisa Kimberly

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

"A teacher is never a giver of truth;
(s)he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for themselves."
-Bruce Lee


Welcome to Mrs. Kimberly's language arts classroom!  I know this year will be full of fun experiences that we will share together.  In our class, we will be covering the finer points of formal and informal writing.  In addition, we will explore worlds both near and far between the pages of our myriad class novels.  I am excited to guide your seventh-grade year as you strive to make academic gains and reach your highest potential!

About Mrs. Kimberly

Education: B.A. English (Fairfield University), M.S. Reading (Southern Connecticut State University)
Years Teaching: 8
Years in Naugatuck Schools: 5
Interests: martial arts, yoga, music, and (of course) reading!
An Interesting Fact About Me: I have a rescue dog named Harper--named after the classic American author, Harper Lee!

About Our Classroom

Dear White Team Families,
Effective this school year, my classroom will be implementing "flexible" (or, "alternate") seating.  During instructional time, students will have the ability to use comfortable spaces around the room to think, focus, and produce their best work.  This can include sitting at small group tables, standing at a countertop workspace, kneeling on a cushion while working on a low surface, or working alone or in pairs at exclusive work areas.  Above simply providing different seating and space options, creating a truly accommodating learning environment can also incorporate ways for students to fidget while working, have seamless movement breaks, and choose a preferential seating location based on what is being asked of the students.  There are many possibilities as to how this can look in a classroom. 
Research has shown that students are able to focus and do their best work when they have a certain level of autonomy in their learning environment.  This includes being able to use a workspace that works best for them, whether it's at the family dinner table, cozied up in a chair, or even spread out in a small space on a carpeted floor.  Classrooms across the nation are changing the way student work-spaces look. 
As this is B23's startup year, our flexible seating classroom is entirely teacher-funded.  Please join me in making our classroom a successful learning space for every child!  In order to maintain a curated environment of true seating choice, I welcome donations of new or gently-used chairs, cushions, tables, or area rugs. 
If you are interested in helping further, please feel free to contact me for more ways we are funding the longevity of this project.  Thank you so much for your support!
Mrs. Lisa Kimberly
PS: To learn more information about the benefits of flexible seating for the academic and emotional well-being of students, feel free to check out this article by Maureen Healy, a leader in the educational and emotional development of young students and a regular contributor to the professional magazine Psychology Today.