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Lesa Castillo

World Language Teacher

Naugatuck Public Schools
City Hill Middle School
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X


Welcome to Spanish class! I am delighted to be your Spanish teacher this year. We are going to learn a lot about the Spanish language and culture. You will find that I have very high expectations for you and that is because I believe in you and I know that you can and will learn to speak and understand Spanish. It is my duty to make sure that you know this too!
Throughout the year we will have a series of writing assignments and projects. It is expected that you put forth your best effort to be successful in Spanish and bring your best attitude to class everyday. You will find that you need to study a lot and must complete homework regularly in order to learn Spanish. If you put in the time and effort, there is no doubt that you will be successful.
For more information, you may read the syllabus which is given to you in class. 
You can contact me through the email or phone number provided. I promise to respond as soon as possible! 
About Me
Teaching Spanish is my passion and it is also my second language! I had to work hard to become fluent in Spanish so I can understand how challenging it can be to acquire a second language. Luckily, my students have the opportunity to build this knowledge at a young age. I have no doubt that they will use what they have learned one day!
I love teaching middle school students! Middle school students are such a unique, special and quirky bunch. They are changing all the time so, getting to know these students is a challenge that I love and demands my utmost vigilance and and effort.
I'll admit that I get bored with monotonous and tedious tasks just like my students so, I make sure to have a number of interesting lessons to choose from to keep them engaged. Luckily, my students are still at the age where they can enjoy a good game and that means we get to enjoy learning through a range of novel experiences. I am always looking for new and exciting ways for my students to learn!
University of Connecticut
Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction
Southern Connecticut State University
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish
Years Teaching: 
Naugatuck: 2 years
Other: 1 year
Favorite things: 
Walking my dogs
All Earthy Colors
A fun fact about me: 
I became fluent in Spanish in my twenties! Although I took French and Spanish classes throughout grade school, I didn't become fluent until I immersed myself in the Spanish language at age 20. I am thankful for those grade school lessons because without them I wouldn't have had the foundation to build on later in life. 
Classes 2018-2019: 
Spanish Level 1
Wish list for supplies:
Note Cards
Pencil Top Erasers
Colored Pencils