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Dr. Milano

Eighth Grade Science Team Garnet

Welcome to our class!

I am so thrilled to be teaching 8th Grade Science on Team Garnet! This year we will be working to facilitate your child's acquisition of NGSS skills. 

Curriculum Overview

  • Lab Reports and Investigations in Science 
  • Creating and revising scientific models
  • Force and Motion
  • Energy in Waves
  • Biological Evolution
  • Changing Earth
  • Careers in Science and Technology


  • Investigate problems and find a solution supported by data and evidence
  • Interpret data and communicate scientific information
  • Interpret and communicate scientific information
  • Learn how to solve problems as a team
  • Learn how to use technology to investigate and express scientific results
  • Connect science to other core subjects and the real world          

About Dr. Milano

I always strive to learn new way to keep my teaching interesting, exciting and current. I've been a lifelong learner and have received the following degrees:
B.S. Communication/Marketing
B.S. Environmental Biology
M.S. Environmental Biology
6th Year Professional Certificate Educational Leadership
Ed.D. Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Education Based Endeavors

I am committed to advocating for all students to learn in ways that enable them to advance and be successful in the real world, in ways that do not compromise their values and those of their families.
In 2014, I received the Humane Educator of the Year Award for my work toward animal friendly legislation, specifically Dissection Choice Legislation, which gives students the right to object to animal dissection for ethical or other reasons without penalty to their grade. This work was also made possible by my students who participated in Humane Lobby Days for three years with me at the State Capital. 
This work led to my being awarded $1500 in grants for my classroom and a guest speaking invitation to the Association for Science Teacher Education International Conference in San Antonio, TX. 

Fun Facts About Me

I love animals and I have been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the State of Connecticut for the past 10 years.  After the Exxon oil spill, I trained as an Oiled Bird First Responder. While I seem to have a knack for being able to catch water fowl in crisis, my wildlife rehab license is for small mammals. I specialize in groundhogs (also called "whistle pigs", "marmots", "woodchucks") and squirrels!
I am engaged to be married at the end of the school year and have two step children. We are guardians to several animals, one of which is a pig.