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Student Athlete Handbook

Welcome​ ​Message

The purpose of this handbook is to inform all who participate in the Naugatuck High School athletic program of the high school’s expectations and those rules and regulations that govern this department. The Athletic Department of Naugatuck High School exists to provide healthy competitive and instructional outlets for its students. Our primary goal is to incorporate the classroom and athletics into a well-rounded experience. We encourage each one of you to give it your best. Congratulations to all of you who will take on the challenge.

Philosophy​ ​of​ ​Athletics

We, at Naugatuck High School, take tremendous pride in our athletic program which provides an exceptional opportunity for personal growth. Athletes learn to accept responsibility for success or failure and to respond by developing a fierce work ethic. Participants learn to deal with strong emotions such as anger, disappointment, joy, frustration, and suspense.
Few situations in life offer students an opportunity to recognize and handle such intense feelings while in the public eye. Student athletes in Naugatuck learn about motivation, self-discipline, loyalty, leadership, sacrifice, effort, and a winning attitude, all lessons which are invaluable in our competitive world. Team sports offer a unique opportunity to teach young men and women that working together toward a common goal can and will accomplish positive results and inevitable success. The program of competitive athletics is designed to develop physical and emotional fitness in a competitive and enjoyable environment amongst the pillars of sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and honor.
Participating on a Naugatuck High School team is, however, considered a privilege. Student athletes are representatives of the school and community and are expected to demonstrate personal integrity at all times. Our athletes must do what is ethically right, both within the school and community, throughout the year. A violation of this expectation will result in a suspension or dismissal from the team. In order to maintain one’s good standing on a team, each student athlete must consistently demonstrate that he or she has the ability to sacrifice his/her time, to maintain necessary academic standards, and to act in accordance with school and program expectations.

Naugatuck​ ​High​ ​School​ ​Mission​ ​Statement

The mission of Naugatuck High School is to is to develop students who are responsible and engaged community members. Students will communicate effectively, demonstrate perseverance to solve problems, and actively engage in their learning. We strive to meet the academic needs of all students through relevant, engaging experiences which encourage lifelong learning. To achieve our mission, we promote active involvement and communication among school, family, and community and look forward to facing new challenges together.