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New Cell Phone Policy implemented

Electronic Policy grades 7-12
The middle school and high school administration and faculty will be implementing a strict cell phone policy during the 18-19 school year. Below please find a brief description of the new plan.

At City Hill Middle School, all personal electronic devices must remain off and out of sight between 7:40 AM and 2:25 PM, including during passing times, lunch and study halls.

First offense: Students may pick up their device from the administrator's office after 2:25 PM; parents will be notified of the offense.

Second offense: Parents may pick up the device after 2:40 PM.

Third and subsequent offenses will require parents to pick up the device and may result in in-school suspensions or other appropriate consequences at the discretion of the administration.
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Students who are moving to Naugatuck or previously attended a private school must register at the Naugatuck Public Schools Central Office located on 497 Rubber Avenue, Naugatuck. Students from St. Francis who planned to attend the breakfast on July 16th, who have not registered may still attend; however we will not have a schedule for your son or daughter. That morning, the CHMS administration will help families navigate the registration process. We will then reschedule a time for your child to practice using his or her schedule to locate classrooms. Please direct all questions to the principal, Eileen Mezzo
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Breakfast Invitation for Incoming St. Francis Students

CHMS guidance department will have the incoming St. Francis students' schedules ready soon and we would like to invite families for a light breakfast on Monday, July 16th at 9:30 AM. Current CHMS students will be available to help students navigate their schedules. If that particular morning does not work, we can provide parents and students with the schedule any day after the July 16th. Please RSVP to if you plan on attending the morning of July 16th.
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